Thursday, October 16, 2008

La milonga des Quatres saisons

This year I danced a lot, but in general I wouldn’t say that I enjoyed dancing so much. Living in Marseille, where unfortunately tango is very poor, I spent several nights dancing un-synchronised, nervous tangos. There where some bright moments, but it’s true that the region of Provence cannot offer many tango thrills, with the exception of the city of Nimes where things are ok, but still…
But! There was one weekend which really reached perfection, it was my re-birth as a tangero.. The name is the Milonga des Quatres Saisons and it is taking place 2 or 3 times a year in an amazing place close to Systeron. One weekend full of tango in a Agro-tourism, laid-back situation, in a brilliant, old, stone-built edifice, surrounded by beautiful mountainous sights. It is true that in Italy exist several ‘Vacanzas tango’ which can match the situation, but one of the highlights of this event is the multicultural element, avoiding the ‘commercial feel’ of the big festivals. In fact the milonga started as a gathering of friends, who wanted to enjoy a tango weekend together and has gradually open to other people (still though asking permission from the organisers is necessary...). So, people from several countries join, creating a very pleasant blend of cultures and dancing styles… I participated in the Autumn milonga, so I slept on my tent and apart from sleeping; I was dancing all day!
For some people, time is a fuel they consume to reach to their destination and for others; it’s a virgin land to seed. Anyway you take it, when time is abundant, life carries more quality and is more fun… This is what I've experienced in the Milonga des Quatres Saisons, having all the time to dance, but also to talk, to drink tea, to walk on the hills and then dance again! Because tango never lies and always gives a taste of the potential of sharing and experiencing things, but in the Mas du Figuer you will have both the time and the interesting people, as well as the proper frame to exploit the possibility!!

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