Monday, February 16, 2009

Travel enlightment

Most if not all people have the tendency to relate to things, situations and places. This tendency is vital for our emotional world as it helps us become involved to our environment and drives our desire to share, create, know and protect. On the other hand, mentally this has a drawback as it often leads us to take things for granted, with the repetition weakening our ability to judge and evaluate new situations. It partially puts our tendency to search and explore into sleep mode.
This is among the reasons that make people who travel more interesting in a spiritual sense, as they lack this fixed frame of mind, imposed by a stationary environment and frame of life. When you encounter new places, societies and ethics, inevitably you are forced to critically evaluate your own experiences and reset beliefs and attitudes. This vital for your effort to integrate and adapt to a new reality, comprising a very entertaining and educational process.
But the main topic of this small post is not the merits from travelling but the mode of being on the move itself… This situation when you are hanging thousands of meters in the sky inside a plane, or you are watching fast-forward changing cross-country sceneries in a train, car or whatever. At that moment you don’t belong anywhere, you are only committed to a destination, while slowly you are detaching your own experiences from your point of origin. There are some musicians who transmit this feeling very well, JJ Cale is for me probably number one. I listen to his music and I feel that I am alone wandering in this big world, without a home, with a constantly changing personality and living environment. Only feelings and thoughts which are being evaluated through time by the frequency that they occur. The desires and thoughts that come to me more often are the ones who define my truth…

During the last years almost all the decisions or ideas that made a difference in my life came while I was travelling. While looking down to earth from the window of an airplane and suddenly identifying a high peak, one the ones that matter more to me. In a state which I was physically and mentally detached and I was able to choose which domain of my life or person I wanted to bring close. Just like that and out of a sudden while being in a ‘vacuum’ and free.

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